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13th May County Squad Swallows


20th May Regional Finals NDP Club and Regional Grades Ipswich


17th June County Squad Swallows


9th September Teddy Bear Comp for 7 year olds born 2011 Colchester


9th September In Age 5,4,3,and age groups L2 and FIG Colchester


16th September County OOA Levels 5 and 6 Colchester


23rd September Regional In Age 5,4,3,2,and Challenge Cup Ipswich


30th September County Squad TBA


7th October County L3, L4 Colchester


21st October Regional OOA 6 and 5 Ipswich


28th October County Squad DGA and Regional OOA 4,3, and 2 Ipswich


11th November Essex Level 5,4,3,2,and FIG Club Teams Colchester


2nd December Inter County Teams


16th December County Squad Chelmsford


Level 4

Kate W 4th, Kate H 5th, Ruby 6th,

Level 3

Isabelle W 2nd, Dharia 5th, Scarlet 8th

Level 2

Gemma 2nd, Halle 3rd

FIG Espior

Elizabeth 2017 Champion

FIG Junior

Erin 2017 Champion




Fantastics Results in the County Championships for Sabrina , Rose and Freya 




Havering Gymnasts were chosen to represent Essex at the Level 3 and 4 Inter County Team Competitions at Ipswich

Elizabeth (Level 3)

Brianna and Jessica (Level 4)

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