On 15/02/2015 more than 60 gymnasts from different Essex Gymnastics Clubs trialled for a place in the 2015 Essex County Squad. The trial was held at Havering Gymnastics Centre. All Havering trialists were successful and will be invited to attend the 2015 Essex County Squad Sessions. Congratulations to: 

Natalie Richards
Isabel Clark
Dharia Cunningham 
Jessica Chu
Jessica Farrant 
Elizabeth Hayward
Brianna Pettitt
Erin Bellman
Siobhan Sugrue
Gemma Layton
Josephine Urry
Well done!

Provisional dates:


10th May - DGA

7th June - Swallows

26th July - South Essex

6th Sept - Chelmsford

October - due to be confirmed depending on Levels competition date

22nd Nov - Chelmsford 

Jan 2016 - Epping Forest.



Havering Gymnasts were chosen to represent Essex at the Level 3 and 4 Inter County Team Competitions at Ipswich

Elizabeth (Level 3)

Brianna and Jessica (Level 4)

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